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Solids Solutions

Are you developing a product that involves small particles and powders? Then these substances do not always have the desired effect. Solids Solutions researches the properties of particles, powders and other solids so that they can be properly processed in products. For example, the size of particles is often an important factor. Solids Solutions uses various techniques and methods to determine this. Our laboratory has all the instruments for extensive research in the field of powder and particle technology.


Sedimentation of nanoparticles


Nanoparticles are very small particles that occur naturally, but can also be added artificially to certain products. The size of the particles ensures, among other things, that a uniform substance can be made from substances that normally do not mix optimally with each other. To be able to analyse the exact size, sedimentation nanoparticles are used. This is a method in which the particles are added to a liquid so that the sedimentation rate can be calculated. Nowadays, X-rays are used in this process. Based on information obtained about the mass of the particles, their size can also be calculated.


Dynamic light scattering with laser


Another method used by Solids Solutions to determine the particle size is dynamic light scattering. In this case, the particles are scattered, or atomised, and illuminated with a laser beam. This method is therefore primarily useful for measuring the particle size of powders and suspensions. A certain scattering pattern is observed, from which the particle size and particle size distribution can be determined. If you need help with the development of a specific product, you can contact Solids Solutions. We will analyse what is holding you back and advise you on the right solution.