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Read here, the most practical tips concerning moving to the Netherlands

Moving abroad can be very exciting and sometimes scary. Especially when the gab of cultural differences is very large. The norms and values are completely different, just as the people, food, weather and way of living. One of the most important things you need to arrange is an accommodation, in other words, a place to life! From a house, appartement to a small room somewhere in a big complex. You obviously need a roof above your head. In this article we will discuss a couple of practical tips you can use if you want to move to the Netherlands!  

Facebook groups 

Despite the fact that there is a big housing shortage, an effective way to find a house is to join several Facebook groups. In these groups you can find lots of advertisements about rooms, apartments or other places in condominiums which you can rent. When you search for: house rentals Den Haag, of looking for a house in Amsterdam, then you will find several groups you can join. Sometimes it can take some time when the group admin gives you access to a specific group. So don’t stress out and take it personal.  

Approach a real estate agency  

At second a very effective way to succeed your house hunt, is to approach multiple real estate agencies spread around the country. At these companies work a lot experts who can help you to find a perfect home for you. It is from important matter that you know what aspects your house need to fullfill. Aspects such as: do you want a separate room, is it possible to have pets and if you want to have a garden of balcony for example. A good way of approach a real estate company is just to grab the phone and call! Apartment for sale Rotterdam or buy a house in Den Haag? They will answer all the questions you have!  

Get in contact with universities 

Last but not least, a good way to find a suitable house is to get in contact with universities. Thousands of students are moving from other countries to the Netherlands each year, a big chance that they have good information or a contact person you can approach which will help you with your house hunt. Perhaps other students who are in the same situation as you. A good way to share your experiences and tactics during the house hunt.