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Madden NFL 21: Davante Adams Enters Club 99

Davante Adams, receiver for the Green Bay Packers, is having a spectacular season in the NFL, which is why he joined Madden NFL 21‘s 99 Club.

The 99 rating is the highest that any player can get in the video game, and it all depends on the level they are showing in the current NFL season so that their level is increasing each week.

Davante Adams has statistics in which he excels, such as his ability to catch the ball, to remove the mark from any defender and his ability to run short routes and of course an overall rating of 99.

 The Green Bay player joins a select group that includes Patrick Mahomes, Chrisitan McCaffrey, Aaron Donald, Michael Thomas and Stephon Gilmore, although all of them were selected before the current NFL season began.

There are other players closer to the 99 rating. For example, Tennessee Titans running back Derrick Henry continued his masterful season with a gritty 98 yards rushing on 23 attempts. While, Henry still continued his streak of solid performances; as a result, his overall rating increased from 95 to 96. On the other hand, Buffalo Bills wideout Stephon Diggs got his rating increased from 95 to 96 as well. Diggs caught nine passes for 145 yards and three touchdowns.

Madden NFL 21 is on the new generation of consoles (PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S), and also on the past generation (PS4 and Xbox One). Therefore, if you are enjoying the game as much as we do, don’t forget you can buy Madden coins on MUTeamGo store!