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5 Tips for Finding Real and Useful Product Reviews

Before buying a product, it is important to know what current users think about the product and why they will or won’t recommend it. It will save you from a lot of stress that comes with buying a fake product or one that is inefficient.

Here are a few tips for finding real and useful product reviews:

  1.       Vet the reviewers

Manufacturers often get reviewers on freelance job sites and Facebook groups. They get positive reviews in exchange for a free product or a sum of money. Multiple reviewers are hired in a day to drop reviews and give their products a 5-star rating. You can always track these reviewers to find out if they have dropped related reviews for a similar product. You should also check if they have given a lot of reviews on that same product and if they only give a 5-star rating. These are indications that the reviews are fake and will not be helpful while making the choice of where to buy a product.You will always get genuine product reviews onreview sites.

  1.       Use an online tool

There are review fraud tools that can help you pick out fake reviews made by fraudsters to deceive buyers. Fakespot and ReviewMeta are sites that have developed anArtificial Intelligence (AI) tool that can tell if a review is genuine or fake. By typing the URL of a product or service, you can get the authenticity of its reviews and ratings.

  1.       Read the comments

If you want to determine real and usefulproduct reviews you need to take your time to go through the reviews on the site. Fake product reviews are often too long or short and they are vague, not giving detailed and useful information about the product. Only real product users can know how efficient a product is. You will notice that fake reviews lack emotion sort of and they are always bland. Similarity of the reviews is also an indication that they are being written by the same person or a set of freelance product review writers.

  1.       Note Suspicious language and formatting

Fake product reviews are overly positive and they sound like what is written to sell out the product, not just an opinion of a buyer. When checking a site and you notice that almost all the reviews are poorly written or formatted in an awkward way this is an indication that they are all fake.

  1.       Look at the review dates

If a large amount of reviews are being pushed out in a day, this is an indication that they are fake and will not be helpful. If you notice that the date of a review is before the date the reviewed product is being released it is possibly not a genuine review.


Product reviews are important because they give insight into the quality, usefulness and efficiency of a product or service.If you follow the five tips written here, you will surely get real and useful product reviews for your future purchases.