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3 Bad Habits to Improve in an Instant

We all know how hard it is to correct bad habits. Sometimes you decide to do something about it, but after a few months, or just a few days, you’re back in the old pattern. We have 3 bad habits that you can work on yourself in small steps.


Are your socks on one side of your living room and a stack of papers and your connection vape on the other? Time to do something about it. Keep in mind: every clearing system is personal. However, the basis is that you take the time every day to put all the things lying around in the right place. This way you keep the clutter to a minimum. What is also important here is a good storage system. How can you clean up your mess if you don’t even have a place where it belongs?

Quit smoking

Yes, quitting smoking is difficult. It may be the toughest habit to tackle, but it’s certainly not impossible. In the long run, it is much better for your health. If you want to stop in one go, remember that the urge to take another cigarette is quite strong. For example, you can taper off slowly or switch to an alternative such as the connection vape. Do your friends smoke too? Discuss whether you will stop together. That way you can always support each other.


Just like with tidying up, you have people who are naturally good at saving and can easily keep an eye on their finances, while others don’t know where to start. Whether or not to save is a big dilemma: are you going to enjoy life now and spend your money, or do you want to hoard money to be able to invest later? Balance is key: with piggy banks you can easily save money each month for the future, such as for a house or car. You can put money in one piggy bank for the coming weeks. You can spend this on a night out or articles for your connection vape.