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Warm feet with heated insoles from BERTSCHAT®

The heated insoles from BERTSCHAT® ensure pleasantly warm feet during the cold winter days. If you easily suffer from cold feet in winter and thicker socks alone are not the solution for you, then these insoles are the ideal solution for you. With your heated insoles and well-insulated shoes, you’re fully prepared for the cold during your winter activities. There are various insoles available for different activities, whether it’s for a hiking trip, cycling, or skiing.

Heated insoles

The heated insoles are perfect for the cold winter season. You simply insert the insoles into your shoes and you are ready to go. The insole warms up nicely due to the built-in heating elements. Because it’s inside your shoe with your foot on top, the warmth can be retained effectively. However, it’s always beneficial to have well-insulated shoes. The warmth remains much better in your shoe, allowing you to feel its effects more. These insoles come with a small remote control that allows you to adjust the warmth for your feet and find the perfect temperature for you. The remote control features a power button, an L (low), M (medium), and an H (high) setting. By pressing one of these buttons, you can set your preferred warmth. The insoles are rechargeable and contain a battery that you won’t feel at all on your feet. This allows you to continue your activities undisturbed while your feet stay nice and warm.

Activities without limitations

In winter, it’s always nice to be able to go outdoors. However, if you suffer from very cold feet quickly, it can be very unpleasant. On the other hand, staying indoors isn’t an option, especially if you enjoy outdoor activities like going on a winter sports trip or simply going for a bike ride or hike. With well-insulated shoes and the right warmth for your feet, you can comfortably enjoy your hike or bike ride. During a winter sports trip, you can place the insoles in your ski boots, ensuring you won’t have cold feet while skiing. Even during a walk in the snow, your feet will remain pleasantly warm. They’re perfect for skiing. In fact, it doesn’t matter what activity you’re doing for you to enjoy them. For instance, if you’re heading to the city and suffer from cold feet, you can also use the heated insoles. 


With these insoles, you no longer have to suffer from very cold feet during your winter activities. With well-insulated shoes and heated insoles, your feet will stay warm during these activities, whether it’s biking or skiing. With different heat settings, you can choose the right warmth for your feet, ensuring they’re neither too cold nor too hot. The heated insoles are even suitable for ski boots, so warm feet while skiing is a guarantee. These heated insoles aren’t just suitable for outdoor activities; they’re also perfect if you’re indoors on the couch and don’t want cold feet. You can slide them into your slippers and enjoy them!