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NBA 2k21: Latest News

Let us start with the release of the first NBA 2K 21 update of 2021. Patch 1.07 went live on January 4, it weighs 20 GB and is available for both current and next gen platforms. This patch mostly comes with visual changes for The Park as well as several minor bugs’ fixes and performance improvements. The patch has removed the seasonal theme and the various decorations for The Park. 2K has not release the list of patch notes, however, players have been reporting stability and performance improvements. According to other members of the community, patch 1.07 has also fixed the college badge exploit. Other unconfirmed reports, state that the old shoot meter is back in the game.

The next new is about the moment-driven feature. As a reminder that feature adds new contents in MyTeam if a player produces an outstanding performance during a game. Contrarily to the previous seasons, good performances seems to no longer produce moments cards. During a match opposing the Golden State warriors to the Portland Trail Blazers, Steph Curry scored 62 points. That performance did not spawn a card but a Moments Agenda instead.

The Moments Agenda is a challenge that will let MyTeam players to use a Steph Curry card in order to try to complete a series of challenges. They will have to reproduce key moments of Curry’s performance with over 3000 XP as a reward for completing the challenge. Any Steph Curry card is eligible to complete the challenge. According to some observers the late start of the NBA regular season, due to the COVID-19 outbreak may be responsible for the apparent disappearance of moments cards. In fact the moments cards levels were meant to change as the season progressed and this season’s calendar has already changed too much to allow for the system to work in a fair way.

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