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Good resolution for 2022: Improving my sim racing level

The year 2021 is almost past us, and 2022 will soon be there. For a lot of people the new year is a moment for new year resolutions. A few examples of these resolutions are; exercising more, losing weight, drinking less or quit smoking. A good resolution for sim racers is improving their racing skills. Why? Because sim racing might just be the best thing there is for us sim racers. In this blog we talk about a few products to upgrade your setup

A new sim racing seat

A special sim racing seat is almost essential for your sim racing rig. By upgrading your seat you will secure yourself with much more comfort. Not only does this improve your racing capabilities but it also drastically improves your posture. Sim racing might be very taxing on your body and especially your spine, so anything to tackle this problem is more than worth buying.

A new wheel base 

In sim racing, de direct-driving steering mechanisms are the core of steering feedback. This system decides how accurate your steering inputs are. The better your direct driving system is, the better your input gets processed. This way you will experience a 100% realistic sim racing. Most traditional sim racing wheelbases have lash, although transient, it still is a bit  relaxing and tensioning on the belt. By replacing the lash with a proper direct driving system you can take full advantage of all the benefits there are.

Formula steering wheel

Do you drive an F1, F2 or other Formula car on your sim? You can improve your experience fastly by purchasing a sim racing formula steering wheel. These steering wheels are specially designed for formula cars and add just that extra bit of performance and immersion. At Simplace you will find a wide variety of brands, styles and price points.

Where to buy your new sim racing gear?

You can go over to to check out their wide range of sim racing products. The assortiment varies from steering wheels, wheel bases, and cockpit to sim racing pedals and sim racing seats.