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FIFA 21: Best Training Exercises

To enjoy the game, beyond the stressful online competition and although it sometimes seems like not, FIFA 21 has many entertaining modes such as Career Mode, VOLTA Football and even Quick Match variants simulating Champions League matches, Copa Libertadores, etc. In these modes, in addition, you can adapt the difficulty of the game to your characteristics and you will not suffer the sometimes unfortunate matchmaking of the online modes.

And we can include the unknown and wasted training exercises that we see in offline modes. Confess it, you too have been hooked for five or ten minutes dribbling cones, making circle passes and even running between pivots to hit a target in an empty goal.

These exercises can also be found in Career Mode and will serve to enhance the skills of the players we select. We have made a selection of the most “motivating” exercises of these workouts and which ones hook us the most:

Get the trophies. This challenge, which may seem simple, will force you to have extreme precision when dribbling your opponent. It consists in that, without leaving a circle (quite large), you pass over a “prize” shaped like a soccer ball. All this with a rival who will try to take possession from you at all times. Good exercise to practice the most effective treads and dribbles you know.

Avid Goals. This challenge is presented as the most complicated of the “Dribbling” series and consists of facing the defender who is covering the midget goal and dribbling him to score. The speed of your hands and your coordination with the right stick are everything in this last challenge of the series.

Straight to the bucket. This is another challenge that is played the most with almost total security. The “pots” or cubes placed in the distance are all an appeal to take that long pass and see how the ball flies directly towards the goal as if it were a target. Very satisfying.

1v1 against striker. If your passion is goalkeeping, this is the most difficult challenge you can face in skills games.

Under Pressure. This is one of the most useful scenarios too. You will have to dodge the rival and pass between the marked pivots so that the score goes up to your marker.

FIFA 21 can be played now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. Therefore, if you are enjoying the next-gen version as much as we do, don’t forget you can buy FUT coins on FUTeamGO!