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Buying shares soon

You want to start investing and you are ready to buy shares. The etrade rivian ipo is found online. But how can you buy those shares? Where can you buy shares? How do I buy shares at the right time? And what does buying shares actually cost? Read the answers to these questions in this article and discover our tips for buying shares.

How can I buy shares?

As a private individual, you could previously only buy shares through the bank. You also paid transaction costs. Nowadays you can also buy your shares online through financial institutions (online brokers). Are you part of a financial institution? Then you buy or sell shares on the stock exchange.

How can I buy stocks online?

You can buy your shares through online brokers (financial institutions). Your shares are bought or sold in no time. See which share you want to buy, select the appropriate online broker and buy your share.


Investing online in 3 steps:

See which share you want

See which online broker suits you

Buy your share online


Where can I buy shares?

You can physically buy your shares from the bank or online through brokers. But who exactly should you contact if you want to buy shares?


Through different banks:



ABN Amro

Through online brokers, such as:

Robeco One

Bink Fund coach







How do I buy shares at the right time?

Buying and selling shares at the right time ensures price gains. This is an issue that concerns many investors. When to buy or sell stocks depends on many factors. Experienced investors have a trained nose for this and easily find the pearls on the market.


Tip: subscribe to a good investment magazine. This way you benefit from the knowledge of investment experts and you have insight into the latest buying and selling advice for a share.


What does buying shares cost?

When purchasing shares, you pay transaction costs to the bank or broker. These transaction costs are determined by the spread. This is the selling price of the stock minus the buying price of the stock. When buying shares, you often have to deal with a starting fee plus a percentage commission.

Sample calculation of transaction costs

How the transaction costs are calculated when buying shares is best shown with an example:


50 shares are bought

The shares were purchased for €20 per share

The current price per share is €30

The starting rate of the transaction costs is € 5

The commission is 0.5% of the spread


The spread is €30 – €20 = €10 per share. 0.5% commission is paid on this, which is € 10 x 0.005 = € 0.05 per share. The total transaction costs are therefore €5 + (€0.05 x 50 shares) = €7.50.


Buying stocks for beginners

Are you a starting investor and do you want to buy shares? First take a step back and think about why, how and what you want to invest in. Then you can see from there whether investing in shares suits you best.


Start investing in three steps:


Start investing, start with yourself

Think about what you want to invest in

Decide how you want to invest

In addition to investing in shares, there are other options for investing. Consider, for example, investing in real estate or a real estate fund, index investing or investing in bonds.


Our tips

Here are some tips to find the pearls on the stock market and to buy and sell your shares at the right time.