Are you completing your daily NBA Live Mobile Objectives?

Are you completing your daily NBA Live Mobile Objectives?

NBA Live Mobile has a feature called Objectives that gives players a list of various daily tasks to complete for rewards and bonuses.

The Objectives feature in NBA Live Mobile can be a player’s best friend. This is a set of daily tasks that yield rewards when players complete them. The best part about these tasks is that they are regular game activities players would be doing anyway. But the Objectives list is more than just a way to get extra rewards. It offers some guidance to new players. When new players start NBA Live Mobile, they must complete a few tutorials.

The game is easy to learn but newcomers may feel lost in the beginning. This is where the Objectives come in. By following the list, players will discover what the game is all about and get more comfortable with its modes and systems. Players shouldn’t feel obligated to perform all tasks but it’s worth noting there’s an extra reward for those who do so.

Unfortunately, the Objectives list is quite easy to miss if players aren’t Season 1 veterans. The Objectives panel on the Home screen is pretty small. It’s on top of the Store panel. If players are in the live events map or in the head to head map, they will also see the Objectives button on the right side of the screen. There are eight daily tasks. The first one requires players to complete all other seven so this one doesn’t really count as a task.

These mini-missions cover all modes. There are Objectives for Season mode, for head to head, and for live events. The requirements are pretty easy. For example, the task concerning live events requires players to win two different events. Other tasks include acquiring one player a day, spending 100 stamina, and training players. We can see that all these tasks are regular activities that aren’t too challenging. By tapping on a task, players can see what reward they will get. The rewards list includes nba live mobile coins, training tokens, and reputation. Players get NBA cash and stamina for completing all daily Objectives.

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