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A Schiphol taxi from Schiphol airport

Amsterdam Schiphol Airport is severely affected by the Corona pandemic. The same applies to the hundreds of Schipholtaxis that stand in front of the departure hall at Schiphol Plaza.

If you use a Schipholtaxi there during normal times, you will always have to pay the expensive national taxi rate at the end of the ride. Many people do not know that a Schiphol taxi from Taxibestellen can be cheaper. In addition to the rate, quality, safety and the normal good old taxi service also play a major role, which the taxi company has understood very well.

Hundreds of Schipholtaxis

Yes, we have indeed written hundreds of Schipholtaxis, because what people see at the taxi rank at Schiphol Plaza is just a handful of taxis. Out of sight is a large buffer stand where many drivers usually wait for many  hours. The vast majority of them are “allowed” to drive there through a complex tender, which must meet a “green requirement” from the airport. It’s a good thing that most people don’t know what’s going on there, but what it always comes down to is it here again: money.

Big compagnies always “win” the tender

Big compagnies such as Willemse de Koning and BBF or the TCA, which have been miss out for a few years now, are participating in the tender for taxi transport at Schiphol airport. The TCA is still an umbrella organization of independent affiliated taxi operators, and it has always been the case. With others it is often the case, with the exception of a single driver employed, that everything is rented out to self-employed drivers.

Told briefly

In short, if you want to drive at Schiphol, you will have to invest in a ” green Tesla ”. In practice, this causes major problems after a few years, because Schiphol drivers drive that car almost 24/7 with 2 or 3 drivers. That is different from what the average lease driver travels on the highway every year. Besides the Tesla obligation, there are some other requirements, the most expensive of which is the monthly lease.

The additional Schipholtaxis at the stand

Then we have the additional Schipholtaxis at Schiphol. These are free riders who, when they have a so-called TX quality mark, are allowed to drive to the taxi stand. They pay a fee per ride to be allowed to enter the taxi stand. Schiphol is the only exception to the Taxi Act that was released in 2000.

Taxi Act 2000 deregulation

The law tells that any taxi anywhere in the Netherlands may take people with them at any taxi rank. This is of course undesirable at an airport such as Schiphol, because then the customer experience will quickly decline. For example, if you look at what is driving around in a taxi in a city like Amsterdam, you know enough.

Therefore Schiphol has been given an exceptional position for this, which was not so difficult if you know this: Royal Schiphol Group has four owners: the State of the Netherlands (69.77%), Amsterdam (20.03%), Rotterdam (2.20%) ) and Groupe ADP (the company that operates Paris airports, 8.0%).

The customer pays the bill

Because the Royal Schiphol Group has made this construction as a consequence of the release of the taxi industry, taxi drivers are now waiting for hours. Many hours because there are many drivers, because many drivers means a lot of money. A lot of money is always nice, of course, but if in the end the customer who gets on a Schipholtaxi has to pay the highest national rate, it is really the customer who pays the bill for this story. Actually, you should be happy if you can “simply” pay the meter price of the taxi ride, because the group of additional Schipholtaxis certainly do not take the shortest route or a rate on a taxi meter very seriously.

A much better alternative

In the beginning, we had already dropped the name as a quality Schipholtaxi. The people from this taxi company have already more than earned their stripes in a time of more than 30 years. They remember the good old days from before the year 2000.

They also experienced the havoc caused by the release of the Taxi Act. The new law stood for more quality at a lower rate for the consumer. Unfortunately, the opposite has become reality and itself has raised the quality at a very reasonable rate with high service.

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